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What Women are Saying about Working with Amanda

Trisha P.jpeg
Before working with her I had an all or nothing mindset which showed up as me feeling stuck and living the same daily routine every - single - day even though I wanted it to change. 


I tried absorbing as many resources about mental health, wellness and how to stay disciplined even when you don’t feel motivated but nothing worked–at least not in a real, lasting way. I was wanting a lot of things to change without actually putting in the work.


I felt so lost, drained and overwhelmed not knowing my purpose.




I am self-aware when i put others' needs before mine and i set boundaries to not overextend myself. 


I feel excited and empowered now that we pulled back the layers and i know what my next steps are to living my purpose!


My favorite moment of this experience was finding out we’re both Aquarius’ and that our birthdays are a few days apart. To feel understood and to be seen as my whole self even in moments when I didn’t want to show up or didn’t feel my best - Amanda has shown me a lot of grace.


I would recommend working with Amanda to anyone who feels stuck or lost in their day to day because you may be resisting your purpose. Whether you know what your purpose is or need help identifying what that may be, work with Amanda!

Trisha P.

I felt completely stuck. I had no sense of direction, felt lost in my daily job and felt really unfulfilled with my life. I had so many limiting beliefs and self doubt it was eating me up from the inside.


I tried to bottle up my emotions, I tried to convince myself that switching career was a bad idea, I have studied for 10 years+ I couldn’t possibly abandon this path, I was consumed by what other people would think and I tried to convince myself that that was I destined to do..but it didn’t work.


I felt so frustrated, confused and exhausted.




I first of all am able to work on my limiting beliefs every time they pop into my head. I am able to catch them, observe them and acknowledge that most of the time they are what they are, beliefs, and that 99% of the time they don’t hold truth to who I really am. I am able to work at the same exact job I was working 6 months ago but with a renowned sense of gratitude, only focusing on the positives and knowing this is only a tool to sustain me financially until I am able to make enough money living my purpose.


I feel excited to wake up every day and work on my purpose until it becomes my daily reality.


My favorite moment of this experience was when I shared a very personal trauma I had in my life and Amanda with incredible grace guided me through a 10 minutes meditation that had me in tears..and so so relieved at the end of it! 


I would recommend working with Amanda to any person that feels lost and knows deep inside them that something has to change. She will guide you with so much grace and empathy you will come out the other side feeling a totally new person.


Thank you Amanda! <3

Rossella P.

Rossella P.jpeg

Amanda is the person I needed to push me. I feel supported in my dreams from my inner circle of loved ones but nobody to push me like Amanda does. She believes that every idea I have will come to fruition & never waivers in her faith in me. She like a wise big sister. 


Before working with her I would try to take the logical route to solve problems which left me unfulfilled and I wasn’t clear on how to articulate what my gifts are and my purpose. 


I tried tapping more into my masculine energy to force things to go my way, to be in total control & get things done but but nothing worked–at least not in a real, lasting way for it left me exhausted & lost. 




I am confident and excited for this new mindset & embodied way of being. I am managing my personal business better than years before & see steady growth in the exact way I intended. I don’t have to sacrifice what I want for what I need.


I’m building my work around the life I want to live, not sacrificing my life to work more and unhappily. My schedule and income feel steady as an entrepreneur. I’m finally getting around to my dream career of teaching wellness, growing food & sharing wisdom with others. 


My favorite moment of this experience was probably having my human design chart explained to me lol


I would recommend working with Amanda to any (what type of person do you think would most benefit from working with her? Anyone who is willing to be held accountable, needs someone to believe in them & someone who needs that tough love/gentle push off the cliff

Carrington E.

For me, this program has served as a safe container to explore my heart’s desires and with Amanda’s support and guidance, I’ve been able to create big goals and take real action.


Amanda is a self-love advocate, transformational, purpose-enlightening leader. She leads by example and empowers you to do the same.


Before working with her I felt stuck in a hospitality job that no longer served me and felt pressure to at least do something with my media and communications bachelors degree, despite not feeling called to anything about it. 


I knew I was seeking real change but I didn’t know how to do it on my own. I was lacking guidance and perspective. I knew in my heart that in order to take action, I needed accountability and a support network. 


I felt so unsure of where I wanted to go and how to take action towards the life that I deeply desired.




I am someone who is now proud of being proactive in making changes for my personal growth. I use to only dream of a life I wanted, and now I am taking action to create that life that I want. Today, I am committed and devoted to my morning/evening routines as a way of consistently showing up for my self care practices. By prioritising my routines, I create more space for me to explore more of my purpose and therefore live in alignment with the values that mean most to me. I am someone who remembers to set boundaries when it comes to my mental and physical wellbeing. I am equipped with the tools to help me take action. I am someone who now understands the factors/environments that help me thrive as my own being, for me that looks like; a sense of purpose (particularly within my job), connection to community, mindfulness, sunshine and nature, creative projects, regular movement, a balanced plant-based diet, good hygiene practices, and lots of laughter. 


I feel empowered and excited for my future, and even more grateful for this present moment in this current chapter of my life.

I would recommend working with Amanda to anyone who feels stuck in their current stage of life and wants to break free from old patterns and limiting beliefs, and ultimately gain the confidence to start afresh and create a life they deeply desire. 

Elysia Y.

Elysia Y.jpeg
Angelique S .jpeg
Having Amanda/Flourish with purpose in my corner as I worked towards launching my Personal Training and Coaching business— after months of really feeling stuck, unsure of myself, and lacking confidence which paralyzed me to move forward with the ideas I had— was truly and wholeheartedly instrumental, eye opening, and life changing. 


Amanda is an incredible listener who quite literally always knows what to say to lead you in the right direction making her a spiritual coaching GODDESS. Additionally, she makes herself very relatable. I left every session feeling validated, supported, and heard.


Before working with her I was stuck. I couldn’t commit or even move forward with the tasks I truly wanted to work towards that related to working on my business. I sort of had an idea of what I wanted but didn’t know where to start because I carried so much fear of the “what if’s” everyday. So I would stall, procrastinate and use substances to numb and distract myself— habits I’ve completely changed throughout my work and process with Amanda. 


I tried making to-do lists that I could never fully complete or commit to which only made me feel worse about myself. In the end nothing worked–at least not in a real, lasting way. I was being way too hard on myself but nothing worked–at least not in a real, lasting way.


I felt so frustrated, depleted, lost, and unworthy. I felt like I lacked value. 


Today? I am more confident than I have ever been in my entire life. I know myself. I know how I function in relation to getting things done which has brought me so much clarity. I am kind and patient with myself. I have a clear vision on where I’m headed and feel motivated to get myself there. I carry a new empowering energy. 


I feel excited to see what the future holds. I feel present with myself now at this moment. I feel happier, clearer. I feel eager to continue applying what I’ve learned and give my heart into my business and the ideas that come with it. 


My favorite moment of this experience was probably the final few modules and the way Amanda would have me set up my environment or them. Felt like self-care. Additionally, whenever there was a groundbreaking moment during our coach calls with Amanda (there were many because she always knew what to say) I remember feeling so grateful I started this journey with her.  


I would recommend working with Amanda to anyone living that corporate life with a feeling that there’s more to life than what they’re doing, especially if they have a passion they’re not giving enough energy into and would like to even make a living off of that passion. Anyone that has a vision like I myself did but feels stuck and doesn’t know how to pursue it moving forward, or is lacking support from friends, family, etc. Literally anyone feeling stuck with a sense that there’s more out there for them, Amanda could be your gal! Truly grateful for her and all that she provides. 

Angelique S.

Before working with her I struggled to take accountability and action for how my life was unfolding since going through a huge transition of moving back home after living abroad for almost 8 years. I struggled to shed activities and people that I didn’t feel aligned to. I was living 7-8 months in the dark working through depression, grieving and losing a sense of self/ *trigger warning* essentially motivation to live. 


I tried to read all the self-help books, signing up for any educational or self-improvement program/course that I thought I “needed” to do at the time to prove I was being “productive” and ultimately going down a path that was to please others and not myself. I was trying to fit a mold that couldn’t handle the dreams that I was growing into and ultimately suppressing. I was pushing away the shoes I was wanting to step into. But nothing worked–at least not in a real, lasting way.


I felt so confused, hopeless, and stuck/stagnant.




I’m able to work through what thoughts are mine and what are just external projections that I can either let influence me or disregard. I set better boundaries with my 9-5 in order to create more time to build myself as an Artist/Creative Director and Healer (but really just a multi-hyphenate of things). I embrace my “slashies.” I make time to implement habits that support my physical and emotional well-being (e.g. exercise and movement is my bread and butter) but I don’t beat myself up if I fall off track, I approach myself with more grace if anything. I work and create at the pace that feels good to me and not influenced by anyone else’s agenda. I don’t force myself to create anything where I am not in the right state of mind to do so.  

I feel motivated, inspired, and energized to continue to use my voice in whatever medium I choose (writing, verbal, art, etc.) I have hope in continuing to create cared-for spaces for women of color/people of color/anyone who feels called to my energy in whatever capacity it may be in. 


I would recommend working with Amanda to any individual who is looking to break out of molds and thought patterns they feel are limiting for themselves. As well as for anyone who is going through a large transitional period in their life (e.g. switching careers, managing their new 9-5 and goals outside of work, etc.) 

Kat C. 

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-23 at 22.37.46.jpeg

Reflecting back and continuing on my thought above of coaching not being an overnight transformation’... One might think, hmm is this really worth the investment? Will this really make a difference? Because we want (and are used to in this day and age) instant gratification. The thing is though... when you devote yourself to this life fully, you know that you are worthy of living a life you love, you came here to expand and grow and reach new heights. To experience the fullest and purest joy in fulfilling your potential... You just need some help to get out of your own way. And before you begin the coaching journey with Amanda, I often thought I wouldn’t be able to change my mindset, these thoughts that felt permanently embedded in my head and these limiting beliefs that were holding me back in my life.


But let me tell you, after even the first session, I began to feel the shifts... and my goodness it is one of the best feelings in the world, when you are confronted with a situation that would once trigger you, and now you are able to take a moment of awareness and see the situation in a completely new light and use the tools that Amanda has given you specifically to navigate the situation. Absolute Empowerment!


To this day, a whole year later, I notice these shifts, the changes in my perception and processing of things, and I see how my life has improved so drastically because of them.

With Amanda’s unique approach to coaching and coaching, her background and education in Human Biology, Ayurveda, Yoga and Human Psychology you will be sure to be met and supported from any and all angles.


It was one of the best investments I have made for myself, and for all of those around me as I expand more and more into my truest version of myself, the person I came here to be. My light shines brighter with her guidance, and I am forever grateful for this Angel on Earth.

Kayleigh K.

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