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Frequently Asked Questions

I am considering your program but I hear it is a group program. How will I get individual attention?

My program is a hybrid coaching environment which means you get about 50% one on one coaching and 50% group coaching - the best of both worlds!


Besides, wouldn’t it be amazing to see how a woman living in alignment with her purpose runs her own business and provides a high touch coaching environment so that you can experience first hand a balance of work, service, love, and life?


There’s a Q&A chat open daily so you can get your questions answered every single day of the week.


At minimum you get one 1:1 feedback opportunities each week!!


You’ll also get all the tips, tools and resources that you could ever need to move forward with confidence and we will be working together privately on a one on one coaching roadmap the entire time we are working together.


Hopefully now you can see this is so much more than just a “group program.“

Do you do coaching calls?

My level three program is a limited seat, call-based program.


Levels 1 - 2 get a combination of chat and voice support via WhatsApp coaching app. My clients love this coaching app because you can talk for up to 30 minutes, speed up the messages, send files, send texts, it’s very on demand, and it allows me to be available to them every single day.


My clients get a coaching response within 24 business hours and usually 1 to 2 times in the same day. They are busy out living their purpose building their dream lives and they don’t have time to be on 1-1 calls every single week - they want on-demand, in the moment answers and I’m sure you do too!


I don’t know any other coaching program in the self-development and purpose space that provides this level of support for the price investment. My clients love the hands-on nature of the program and they get to talk to me every day in one form or fashion and this is why they get the most transformation in the industry.


All levels of my program do get 2 live zoom calls each week that are Q&A round table style, so this is a more face-to-face environment as well.

What time and when are the live coaching calls? Will I still benefit if I can’t make it to any of the live times?

We have 2 opportunities to get live coaching with me every week during the 1-hour long calls:


  • Sundays at 9 am PST

  • Wednesdays at 2 pm PST


These calls are recorded and you can watch them back if you cannot make it to them live.


We have had many women from all over the world make it work with either of those times, and if they weren’t able to make it fit, the replays were just as powerful!


The live group calls are an added bonus to the work we will do together within FWP. Think of our 1-1 coaching as the cake, the live calls are the decorations on top!


Between the weekly check-ins with me, the active WhatsApp Community and Q+A group chat, the replays, and your workbook, you’ll have plenty of support in FWP to grow. If you still feel like you aren’t getting your transformation during the program, you and Amanda will work together to make sure you’re taken care of!

What would a week of FWP look like for me? How much of my life should I expect to change or adjust?

It really depends on how much transformation you want! The clients that have seen the most transformation and gotten the best results did these two things: show up consistently, and be honest with their process.


As with any goals and transformations you desire, you would need to put effort into what you want to change.


A week would typically look like:


  • Work on course curriculum with corresponding Purpose Journey Workbook

  • Going to 1 live call or watching a replay

  • Check-in form and chatting with Amanda to troubleshoot

  • Keeping up personal morning & evening routine

  • Aligned Actions (custom to you, set by you and Amanda)


As you can see, most of these items are actually commitments to yourself! Accountability and guidance are two big elements of my coaching and most likely what you are looking for.

I’ve worked with other coaches before or I’m currently looking at other programs, how is your program different?

That’s a simple answer! ME - I’m the difference! Maybe you already gathered that but I provide a very high touch relationship based coaching environment. My clients love me, I love them! We become friends during the process and we do a lot of inner work and transformation together and I have a tribe that you’ll be so thankful to be a part of.


There is absolutely no experience like the one you'll have with me. And you probably already got that vibe from me through our conversations, on social, or just from my page and content in general. I lead with my heart! I lead with my heart and soul, I get to know each of my clients, your goals and dreams become mine and together we make your dream life a reality. That’s how serious I take this and this is so much more than a business transaction to me.


That’s why my program is the BEST one for you. And let’s state the facts, I have the best track record and a proven system that actually works to get results, so this is another reason why you should join FWP now!

I see you have a payment plans. I’m really nervous to invest but I’m hoping you have a plan that will work for me!

We have multiple payment options and once you submit your application and we make sure you’re a good fit, we can go over everything with you. We also have a third-party funding company that you could potentially qualify for if needed, we do accept PayPal financing and other forms of payment and we are willing to work with you on a payment plan that works best and make you feel comfortable in this getting started process!

I’m not sure my husband/wife/spouse/partner is going to support me making this investment (or I've made a bad investment before and they are cautious of supporting the next one).

I really feel like this is a personal communication discussion that has to happen between the two of you. I think it’s really important to have open discussions about your goals and dreams that you want to accomplish and make sure that they are on the same page with you about that.


It’s often very important that maybe you let them look at the resources here, my program video, or even my social media. I’m also happy to answer questions in the DM that your husband/wife/spouse/partner may have.

How much time do I get with you and are you the one that does 100% of your coaching?

I know this is a big concern in the coaching space because likely you’ve heard horror stories or been in a program where you felt like you were just a number and never got any access to the coach. Maybe what they told you they would do for you wasn’t what they actually did once you got in. Do not worry! In the FWP program you’re not going to have that experience! I do all of the strategy, 1:1 coaching and on boarding etc. myself. I don’t use student teachers or co-coaches in your 1:1 coaching.

How soon can I get started? Is your program open all the time?

Because of the one to one nature of this program, I do have to enroll certain start dates per month so this would definitely be something we will discuss in the DM and set an appointment to get you started. I try to make accommodations as fast as possible but realize we do book out several weeks in advance and sometimes people take spots three months out that they’ve scheduled - so we work on a first come, first serve basis.

I’m really busy I work a full-time job and I have kids how can I make this work for me?

I’m sure you have a minimum of five extra hours per week right? If you have five hours minimum per week, I can guide you to fully transform your thinking, your inner stories, and your life.

What if I'm not able to commit to doing the work in this program and I "fail"?

This is exactly why Flourish with Purpose was created! When you step into container, I will be here to push you gently to do things you haven't done before. To get something you've never had (or maybe had consistently), you will need to do and commit to things you've never done!


This means implementing new habits, believing in yourself to follow through, taking advantage of the accountability within FWP, and leaning on me for support and encouragement.


FWP students are required to show up to 1 call per week (or watch the replay after communicating) and turn in weekly check-in forms. This top-tier accountability is set to make sure you are getting what you have signed up for and committed to!

What if I can't afford any levels of your Flourish with Purpose™️ program?

Like all major life changing programs, this course is an investment in YOU. We offer a few different payment plans to best suit your needs. If the investment is not for you at this time, don’t worry- I will be creating and releasing much more free and lower priced content, courses, packages, and programs in due time!


Until then, check out my podcast: Flourish with Purpose Podcast !

I share a lot of tips and tricks and host conversations all about purpose there that you can get started with in the mean time.

Do you have a return policy?

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