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Purpose Coaching with Amanda

Are you ready to get UNSTUCK and to CREATE more with your life in your job, relationships, and self care?

Are you starting to realize that the road you are traveling down isn't the one for you?

Perhaps you're having trouble accepting that something in your life needs to change in order for you to move forward?

Are you ready to receive and create more with your life?

If you said yes to any of those, I would love to support you on your journey to (re) discover your soul's purpose.

Why? Because I've been there. After spending a decade of preparing to apply to medical school to become a physician and serve the underserved, I started to doubt my path. I held a bachelor's in Nutrition and Dietetics, Certificate in Plant-Based nutrition, had 2 years of clinical nutrition experience under my belt, kept a 4.0 GPA in all of my college-level (STEM and nonSTEM) classes, had incredible connections with physicians all over the country. This was all I knew, what I had worked up to, and what my colleagues and community knew me for.

Turning around and walking a different path, especially as a first-generation child of Filipino immigrants, was one of the most terrifying and challenging things I've done in my life. But I knew I had to choose what my heart was calling for. I had to work through my people-pleasing, perfectionism, and over-responsibility so that I could find my flow again as my most authentic self yet.

And here I am, living my purpose, so excited to other women find theirs.

When you work with me as your life purpose coach, you're held in a safe space container. This is an high-touch, private space that gives you the ability and courage to explore all of yourself with guidance. We uncover blocks and limiting beliefs, soothe emotional wounds, and explore your shadow sides. We learn what gifts and talents you bring to the world and how everything that makes you, you, plays a role in your purpose.

Then we begin a new chapter, with you as the author, co-creating your life the way you've always desired.

This is for:

  • Women aspiring for more for their lives.

  • Women who have been feeling stuck in their life decisions for too long.

  • Women who can't seem to find a healthy balance between self-love and self-doubt.

  • Women who are curious about their feminine power and how to operate from a place of authenticity and self love.

  • Women who are on the path of self-development, but would like support and guidance for blocks that come up.

  • Women who have been living the storyline of someone else for too long, and are ready to begin writing their own story.

  • Women who want to find clarity on how to bring all their talents together into one big picture.

Wherever you find yourself, I am here to provide support, encouragement, and guidance for you to know your dharma (soul's purpose).

As an energy healing practitioner and spiritual life coach, the frameworks I use in my coaching containers are inherently rooted in a deeper meaning of life. These tools are accessible to anyone who believes in a deeper connection to this life, and can be practiced in the comfort of your own home. Some examples are guided meditations, pranayama (breath work), reiki (in person only), dharma discovery, somatics, archetypes, and more. 1-to-1 coaching with me offers space for a personalized approach. Each session is tailored to your needs and what comes up for you.

I dedicate my focused time and energy on your growth and support before, during, and after the time we work together. For this reason, I take only a few private clients on at a time.

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